Alexa’s Animals is a primarily voluntary service, established by local lady Alexa Nisbet MBE in 1991. We receive and find new homes for dogs in Northumberland, working closely with local veterinary practices,  council dog control units, social services and also neighbouring dog-welfare organisations. To date, Alexa's Animals has successfully rehomed approximately 2000 dogs.

Alexa worked tirelessly for years, with very little (or no help at all!) striving to help as many dogs as possible find their forever homes.

In the last few years the charity has gone from strength to strength; The organisation formally registered as a charity (a Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2016, with a board of 5 (now 6) trustees, including Alexa herself, and a team of approximately 25 volunteers who assist variously

by providing temporary accommodation in their own homes, providing exercising and training, undertaking fund-raising, pro-bono health care and assessments, kennel maintenance... the list is endless! We are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of volunteers and staff.

By obtaining a loan from Northumberland County Council we were able to buy our very own kennels in 2017. As well as housing our rescues the kennels also operate as a fully licenced boarding kennels. In addition to this we opened our first charity shop last year; it has been 

a great success and is a vital source of income for the charity.

The rest of our income is generated through an energetic programme of fund-raising activities; at fetes, shopping centres and special events, as well as through occasional legacies, grants and donations from grateful beneficiaries of the service.


Year after year the amount of dogs needing our help increases, as do the needs of these dogs. 

Unfortunately we see a lot of neglected dogs coming through our doors but Alexa's Animals strives to never turn a dog away.



Alexa Nisbet MBE

Founder of Alexa's Animals 

Our trustees... 

Dr. David Francis

Mrs. Alexa Nisbet

Mrs. Carole Green

Miss Samantha Gibson

Mr. David Young