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We are a small charity and rely heavily on the generosity of the general public; we strive to never turn a dog away. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more dogs who have been neglected and abused coming into rescue. We expect this demand to increase further in light of the COVID- 19 crisis. Because of the extensive veterinary and behavioural treatment they need, our bills have never been higher.


It costs us in the region of £250 to get a dog ready for adoption; this covers neutering and vaccinations. If a dog needs additional treatment it can easily reach in excess of £1,000

Take Duke for example. He was a little Staffy who we took in during November 2019 and was in the most shocking state. Duke had a severe back injury incurred in his previous life. Unfortunately Duke never received the appropriate vet care in this time, thus leaving him with paralysis in his hind legs. Duke used to drag himself around using just his front legs, it was truly heartbreaking to witness. In addition to this, he also had severe infections in both of his ears which has left him with only partial hearing.

But we never gave up on Duke, with extensive physiotherapy and a dedicated team of staff and volunteers we achieved the impossible and got Duke walking again. He will always have some trouble walking but his quality of life is 100% improved, He has never let his disability hold him back and he is one of the happiest, most loving dogs we have ever had at Alexa's Animals. He has recently gone to his new home and is spoilt rotten by his new mum!

Unfortunately, there are a  thousand Dukes; our work is never done.  

If you do have any pounds to spare then we will be forever grateful, every little helps and you will be safe in the knowledge that your money is making a huge difference to dogs like Duke.


Thank You!